Carpet Cleaning

Our truck mount Rotovac hot water extraction equipment is ideal for carpet cleaning of any areas in your home.

We come, clean, dry and go, leaving your house spotless clean and environmentally friendly.

When it comes to the comfort of your home, nothing feels as luxurious and decadent as silky warm carpeting under your feet. Carpets are back in, and are going stronger by the year in home decoration trends. The reason is simple: nothing would make your interior look more inviting and welcoming that a well chosen carpet… provided you take a good care of it. Time has proven that in doing it, your best bid is to rely on professionals.


Why so? To name a few reasons, carpets can be easily destroyed or polluted if you, by mistake, apply wrong cleaning agents or techniques. Bleached patches, broken fibers creating "bold spots", residue that comes into contact with other substances and leads to the change of color in poorly treated areas are common outcomes of a DIY cleaning project gone terribly wrong. It will cost you a small fortune to have your carpets restored, but sometimes the damage can be permanent.


Besides, chemical residue left behind can have a huge negative impact on the quality of air in your house. Poorly cleaned and not completely dried after a rinse, carpets, like any other fiber, turn into a breeding ground for dust mites and bacteria, lock in unpleasant odors and make your carpet appear dull and faded, and the entire house look and feel … well, not so inviting and welcoming after all.


To promote good health and protect your investment, it is essential to have your carpets cleaned in the most efficient and effective way. But what method to choose out of many, advertised on the market today?


The answer is our truck mount Rotovac hot water extraction equipment. It is ideal for carpet cleaning of any areas in your home. It would make your house truly dirt and pollutants free, and not just appearing to be so. Unlike other technologies, like steaming and dry cleaning, ours is the only one that uses the natural magic of hot water to remove all dirt, including invisible oily particles left on impact by humans and pets, excessive built-up of contaminants and debris from your carpet. It guarantees absolutely no hazardous residue for your health, yet leaves your carpets a hundred percent clean and looking immaculate. Water also revitalizes fibers, restores their elasticity and ensures the longevity of your soft flooring. Ask your grandmother – she will tell you the same. And probably mention something about elbow grease.


In our case, all the hard work is done by the most effective and powerful machinery available on the North American market today. Our heavy-duty suction and pump-out system is operated by a 1.6 liter 68 HP/3600 RPM Hyundai engine that works even if the power is out. It does not get tired, thus guaranteeing consistent quality of cleaning throughout the entire process. With its 120 gallon capacity, our fresh water supply tank gives a generous amount of water for any size job, so there no pauses to refill it. A separate motor runs a heavy duty waist pump, allowing to finish the entire process without disposing of recycled water – there would be no technicians emptying filthy suds from small portable tanks in your bathroom, no added inconvenience of bulky equipment dragged through your house, leaving occasional splashes and scratches on the walls.


In other words, we come, clean, dry and go, leaving your house spotless clean and environmentally friendly. And all that in much less time than if done with the of use traditional technologies or portable machinery. If you once again consider, that we would only apply hot water and one hundred percent hypoallergenic and safe cleaning agents, you can see for yourself why Green Spotless is WHERE CLEAN IS ALWAYS GREEN!


We offer an efficient nine-step carpet cleaning service:

Step 1. Removal of portable furniture pieces and preparation of the service area.
Step 2. Thorough vacuum-cleaning of the service area.
Step 3. Assessment of the job: our technicians will evaluate the carpet condition, and discuss all possible methods of cleaning treatment with you. There would be no surprises, and we will deliver on everything we promise.
Step 4. Pre-treatment of stains and spotted areas. This is done by an experienced technician, who would estimate the damage, pre-treat spots and pre-spray your carpet with our eco-friendly solutions. This will saturate all areas requiring special attention, and allow to completely remove all the dirt odors during subsequent cleaning.
Step 5. Deep carpet cleaning with the use of our state-of-the art equipment: our technicians will complete a fast and through cleaning of your carpet, using powerful suction tools, hot water and rotating wands of the Roto-vac machine, going in all directions numerously, and working on hard-to-reach areas manually. They would also clean areas around the perimeter with no overspray, where the floor surface meets walls, or other flooring surfaces.
Step 6. Post-inspection: our technicians will go over all areas of the carpet making sure the job is done to your satisfaction.
Step 7. Protecting your carpet from permanent dents: our staff will place foil or nylon pads under furniture legs after positioning all portable furniture in its original place.
Step 8. Grooming the carpet for a homogeneous look by removing shadowed stripes.
Step 9. Drying the carpet with our powerful vents; our technicians will make sure your carpet is almost completely dry before finishing the job.

Remember: your satisfaction is one hundred percent guaranteed. We will always come back to take care of every issue if the need arises.

Our Friendly Butler's tip:

Vacuum-clean your carpets as often as you can between professional cleanings.
Always mop and not rub spills.
Try to do it using the time window before the fibers soak in the spilled substance – that is, as soon after the spillage happens as possible.

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