Frequently Asked Questions

Grout Color Sealing / Carpet Cleaning / Upholstery Cleaning

Grout Color Sealing

Why ColorSeal Grout with ColorClad by Green & Spotless?

Clear sealers, also known as impregnating sealers, fill the microscopic pores of your grout and buy you a little time to clean up a spill but provide little to no protection to the surface of the grout. Colorsealers not only protect the pores of the grout but leave a topical coating on top of the grout making it almost impervious to stains. With colorseal you also have more time to clean a spill without being concerned with the grout staining. Because it does not allow penetration, mop water can no longer flow into the grout lines and allow dirty water to seep into the grout and deposit dirt deep inside. This is why most grout is difficult to clean with traditional methods. You try scrubbing the grout surface, but the stains are deep inside where it is impossible to reach.

Grout Restoration?

Just because your grout is stained and splotchy doesnt mean you have to endure dusty, expensive and time consuming tear outs to make it look new again. The grout plays very little structural role in the performance of the tiled floor and there is seldom reason to remove it if everything else is in order. No colorseal will fix defective grout, loose tiles, a bad subfloor or structural problems. But often grout can take a beating from harsh cleaning, minor substrate deflection and general wear and tear. Cleaners that contain bleach or acids will cause your grout to lose its color by removing or bleaching the pigmentation within the grout. Once this happens, no amount of cleaning will return it to its original color. Colorseal is the answer!

What are the main advantages of getting my grout Colorsealed?

While a normal clear sealer can help to protect grout lines from stains a colorseal application can truly make your grout stain proof. A colorseal will seal your grout and make it waterproof and stain proof. Also, any dirt and spills on a colorsealed floor can be cleaned up with ease, making a colorsealed floor much easier to maintain. It also contains agents to reduce mildew and stops bacteria from growing in your grout.

How long does Colorseal Protection Last?

If the tile and grout are maintained properly, the protection will last as long as your tile floor is in place.

How is the Colorseal applied?

First, the floor and grout is professionally cleaned with specialized equipment, neutralized, and fully dried. Then the colorseal is applied using professional equipment. Finally, the excess sealer is removed from the surface and the entire floor is deaned and buffed to remove any haze.

What does a Colorseal floor look like?

The grout will look like new. It will retain its sandy appearance and will not look painted on like some other colorsealers. We have lots of pictures before and after that you can have a look.

What do sealers protect against?

Our Colorsealer repels water-based and oil-based liquids, prevents stains caused by most food and beverages and protects the surface from dirt and impurities.

How to Cleaning Your New ColorClad Sealed Grout?

The most common mistake people make in cleaning any tile floor is too much mopping. The idea is that since you CAN use copious amounts of water on tile is that you SHOULD. The truth is, you should not.

No mop can effectively reach into the depressed grout line and thoroughly extract the dirty water. The mop pushes all of the soil from the top of the tile into the grout where it concentrates and is difficult to remove. A little "puddle" of dirty water is left behind that gradually starts building up after every mopping leaving the grout dirtier and discolored.

Professional cleaning overcomes this obstacle by extracting the water with powerful vacuums. You can do a similar thing with a wet vac but it is certainly a chore. A little easier is to follow up the mopping by wiping with a clean dry towel to clear the cleaning water from the grout lines.

The best idea is to do as little wet mopping as possible. It really is not required as often as most people think. Keep your floor clean and your job easier by:
Spot cleaning any spills as they occur. Plain water, window cleaning spray or a very dilute dish soap is usually all that is needed to clean up common spills.
Vacuum the tile floor frequently, just as you do carpet and rugs.
Use a wet "Swiffer" or microfiber mop to clean the floor with a minimal amount of liquid.

Your ColorClad refinished grout repels oils & soils quite nicely and will rarely require any serious attention. It will withstand all common household cleaners when used as directed. Spray or wipe on the cleaning solution, let it sit for about 5 minutes to dissolve the soil (but do not allow it to dry) and then wipe clean with a damp rag. For stubborn stains, a little agitation with a tooth brush will help.

Vinegar is not an effective cleaner for tile floors or walls. Nor is a strong bleach solution. Weak solutions of bleach for the purpose of disinfecting surfaces is acceptable.

While ColorClad will make your grout significantly easier for you to keep clean yourself, much like carpet & rugs, most homeowners and businesses find it desirable to have it professionally cleaned from time to time. The great thing about your ColorClad treated grout is that it will cost less to clean than bare or clear sealed grout, and a complete recolor is not required.

Carpet Cleaning

Which is better for your health: hardwood floor or carpeting?

Despite a popular misconception, carpets provide better air quality than hardwood, acting like a trap for pollutants. If you remove them by professional cleaners regularly, you are much better off health wise with carpets.

Why mounted equipment versus portable?

Our Rotovac hot water mounted extraction equipment is the most effective and powerful machinery available on the North American market today. Our heavy-duty suction and pump-out system is operated by a 1.6 liter 68 HP/3600 RPM Hyundai engine that works even if the power is out. It does not get tired, thus guaranteeing consistent quality of cleaning throughout the entire process. With its 120 gallon capacity, our fresh water supply tank gives a generous amount of water for any size job, so there no pauses to refill it. A separate motor runs a heavy duty waist pump, allowing to finish the entire process without disposing of recycled water - there would be no technicians emptying filthy suds from small portable tanks in your bathroom, no added inconvenience of bulky equipment dragged through your house, leaving occasional splashes and scratches on the walls.
Our equipment is ideal for carpet cleaning of any areas in your home. It would make your house truly dirt and pollutants free, and not just appearing to be so. Unlike other outdated technologies, like steaming and dry cleaning, ours is the only one that uses the natural magic of hot water to remove all dirt, including invisible oily particles left on impact by humans and pets, excessive built-up of contaminants and debris from your carpet. It guarantees absolutely no hazardous residue for your health, yet leaves your carpets a hundred percent clean and looking immaculate.

How often do I have to call in professionals for carpet cleaning?

Between once or twice a year, depending on how intense your house traffic is, and what is the tendency for spills (read: pets at home).

What are the benefits of professional carpet cleaning as opposed to cleaning by the owner with the use of rented machinery and agents available on the general consumer market today?

Health of your house, quality of your air and longevity of your carpet flooring:
• Poorly maintained carpeting and fabrics pollute the air and are potentially harmful.
• They can cause various health problems, from asthma to allergies;
• The life spin of your carpeting is much longer while the appearance is as attractive as on the first day of your investment into it.

Can you effectively clean all types of carpets?

Our Rotovac system is adjustable to all heights of carpeting fiber, and cleans effectively all types and makes of residential and commercial carpets.

How long it would take for the carpet to dry after the procedure?

Our Rotovac dryer is 20 times more powerful than a traditional fans used to dry carpets after cleaning before. When we leave, it feels already dry. Technically, it will be completely dry in only 6 hours after the end of the procedure.

How soon can I walk on the carpet after cleaning?

Immediately. We will provide you with plastic booties so that you do not cause any shading on the carpet within the next six hours, until it is technically completely dry.

Should I vacuum before carpet cleaners arrive at my house?

No need to: we vacuum-clean all carpets very thoroughly before cleaning with the help of our powerful motorized suction system. We would do it much better than you, and in less time. The price includes vacuuming, so no need to worry about paying extra.

Do you move furniture?

We move all portable furniture, and replace it into its original position after cleaning. Heavy musical instruments, beds, cupboards, grandfather clocks etc. have to be moved by the owner or ensured moving specialists.

Do I have to remove light objects from the surface of tables?

Please do. All breakable decorative objects need to be removed and packed or placed away from movable furniture peaces by the owner before our cleaners arrive.

Are your technicians experienced?

All technicians are highly qualified professionals with more than five years experience in the business. They regularly attend upgrading courses and seminars in Canada and USA.

What are the products you use? How safe are they?

We use non-toxic commercially distributed products that are biodegradable, phosphorate free and safe for children and pets.

What about my allergies?

We are confident you will feel much better after all pollutants trapped in the fibers of your furniture upholstery and carpet will be removed by the power of hot water. Our advanced technology allows us to apply anti-allergy agent after cleaning - just place in a special request, and we will do it for you.

What is the difference between a spot and a stain?

A spot is any foreign material, like particles of soil or liquid on the carpet fibers, that can be removed by a standard cleaning method. A stain is any foreign material that remains even after a standard cleaning. It needs to be evaluated by our technicians and pre-sprayed with a special agent before the actual cleaning procedure is consumed.

Will you remove all my stains?

Depends upon how much the foreign material has penetrated the fiber and damaged it. This is why it is always advisable to apply carpet protector after cleaning.

Does frequent carpet cleaning wears out my carpet faster?

Not at all. Actually, quite the opposite is true. Using hot water on your carpet will restore the elasticity of the fibers to their original quality, as well as extend the life of the carpet in your home.

Would my carpet feel stiff after cleaning?

Not at all! Your carpet will have its natural soft and silky feel restored: hot water application guarantees it.

Should I use a fabric protector after carpet and upholstery cleaning?

Definitely yes! Most carpet and upholstery manufactures list use of a fabric protector as a pre-requisite condition of their warranty. It will definitely help in restoring the original stain-resisting qualities of your carpet and fabrics. Another important function of any professionally used protector is to prevent premature aging of carpets due to the damage caused by soil particles. As an additional plus, your carpet looks newer and "younger" longer, if spills and soils do not penetrate its fibers. With any professionally applied protector, vacuuming and spot blotting is much easier, and more effective.

My carpet is so old... Should I have it cleaned or replaced?

The cost of carpet replacing is extremely high. Consult our technician. We are often capable of making your carpet go back up to ten years in feel and appearance.

Upholstery Cleaning

Is upholstery protector really useful, or is it a gimmick that costs extra money?

Products that we use are remarkable in protecting your furniture upholstery from spills, stains and spots. They are eco-friendly and efficiently prevent such liquids as wine, coke, Peptobismal, popsicle melts and many others from penetrating the fibers of your upholstery.

Another important quality of fabric protectors is coating for wear and tear prevention. Thus spot removing and vacuum cleaning becomes more effective, while the time window for spot removal gets larger, allowing you to blot the spill before it gets into your fiber.