Grout Colored Sealing

ColorClad is the most advanced ColorSeal product on the market today.

We can Color Seal Grout of your floor and wall tiles, kitchens, bathrooms, showers or any other tiles surface.

Color Sealing provides solution to grout restoration causing the minimum amount of disruption and reduces maintenance of grout by blocking absorption of moisture and soil.

There is no point in cleaning your tile & grout just to watch it quickly get soiled again !

When we clean and refinish your old grout with ColorClad Sealer you will get:

Virtually any color you desire ( 89 colors)
Perfectly matched, perfectly uniform.
Grout that cleans up as easy as tile.
Oil, water and soil repellent.
Resist mold, mildew and bacteria.
Will not chip, crack, peel or yellow.

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ColorClad is the most advanced ColorSeal product on the market today.


All ColorSealers are water resistant and most are oil resistant to some degree, but ColorClad we use is the first Colorseal product to be truly oil repellent. There is a big difference between oil resistant and oil repellent.


With the perm rating of 15, ColorClad Grout Sealer has the highest published permeability rating of any ColorSeal on the market.

Color System

ColorClad Sealer comes in 89 colors and shades to match any type and color of your tiles.

Advance Adhesion

The grout is very often no longer a simple cementations product. Grout additives, epoxy and urethane grouts are becoming more common. ColorClad is designed for superior adhesion to all tile grouts, including epoxy.

Aluminum Oxide Finish

Aluminum Oxide , a mineral harder than granite, has been proven in factory applied wood floor finishes for years. ColorClad is the first ColorSeal product to employ Aluminum Oxide fillers to improve the durability of ColorSeal.

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