Why us?

What is the secret?

Since its appearance on the Greater Toronto market in 2004, our company is proud to state that it has truly made a significant difference in the lives of its many customers, making their homes healthier and helping keep our planet green.

We successfully prolong the life span of carpets and tiles in residential homes and commercial spaces, thus considerably reducing waste and helping keep thousands of dollars in our customers' pockets.


What is the secret? It is in the use of high efficiency up-to-date equipment and cleaning products formulated to be gentler and environmentally friendlier while offering maximum cleaning power and long-lasting effect. And most of the times, we achieve the desirable results simply by using the power of natural elements to eliminate dirt and grease. How?


The answer is our truck mounted hot water extraction equipment. Heated to 110 C ( 230 F), it desensitizes surfaces by killing all dust mites and bacteria, and is ideal for carpet and tile cleaning of any areas in your home. It would make your house truly dirt and pollutants free, and not just appearing to be so. Unlike other technologies, like steaming and dry cleaning, ours is the only one that uses the natural magic of high heat and water to remove all dirt, including invisible oily particles left on impact by humans and pets, excessive built-up of contaminants and debris from your carpet. It guarantees absolutely no hazardous residue for your health, yet leaves your carpets a hundred percent clean and looking immaculate. Water also revitalizes fibers, restores their elasticity and ensures the longevity of your soft flooring. Ask your grandmother – she will tell you the same. And probably mention something about elbow grease.


In our case, all the hard work is done by the most effective and powerful machinery available on the North American market today. Our heavy-duty suction and pump-out system is operated by a 1.6 liter 68 HP/3600 RPM Hyundai engine that works even if the power is out. It does not get tired, thus guaranteeing consistent quality of cleaning throughout the entire process. With its 120 gallon capacity, our fresh water supply tank gives a generous amount of hot water for any size job, so there no pauses to refill it. A separate motor runs a heavy duty waist pump, allowing to finish the entire process without disposing of recycled water – there would be no technicians emptying filthy suds from small portable tanks in your bathroom, no added inconvenience of bulky equipment dragged through your house, leaving occasional splashes and scratches on the walls.


If the condition of the carpet does require the use of cleaning agents, we apply a large spectrum of products that meet or exceed the EPA's DFE Guidelines, are biodegradable, phosphate-free and volatile organic compound compliant. They are quick and powerful, yet leave no residue harmful to your health or polluting the environment.


Last but not the least, our personnel are professionally trained to evaluate the condition of your carpets, tile and grout and offer the best cleaning solution possible. We educate our clients on cleaning methods and agents we apply, and offer maintenance programs that help keep their homes and workspace healthier longer. We are bonded and insured, and always adhere to strict ethical rules optimizing the cleaning process so that it takes minimum time and is less intrusive and disruptive than if performed by traditional methods.


In other words, we come, clean, dry and go, leaving your house spotless clean and environmentally friendly. And all that in much less time than if done with the use of portable machinery and heavy chemicals. If you once again consider, that we would only apply hot water and one hundred percent hypoallergenic and safe cleaning agents, you can see for yourself why Green and Spotless is